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  Product identification and traceability remember to check

September 8, 2007 to 9, Wang Jianguo and I together for the implementation of the identification and traceability of our products to conduct a routine inspection. Check the method of field sampling and random sampling, the results can only check test samples representative of the real situation, not checked for other products not included in the examination record.
The overall situation is not satisfactory inspection. During the inspection the main problems we found are:
1) All samples were checked for traceability reach the specification requirements. Check the project for some of the projects in the empty item,
Laboratory currently provides no relevant documents (see specific checklist: TSQR08-02-6). The main reason is: the lack of manpower, the relevant records can not be sorting, archiving (mechanical properties, delivery inspection records are not archived); File transfer is a bit confusing (with the process of inspection records, no assembly, final inspection records).
2) The finished logo, execute API 8A of the product is no performance standards identified; implementation of API 8C product performance standards without identification, witness the load test to identify quality specification level identification.
3) The portion of the main carrier 6A products during processing no product number, can not be effective retroactively. And the quality of the recording can not guarantee its accuracy and effectiveness.
4) packaging logo, 6A product no manufacturer or trademark, dimensions, weight identification; Sucker Rod Elevator model identified as (SD) with the current model and standards to identify discrepancies (CDQ (S)).
5) Field ID, small pieces of identification to verify the status is not clear, some unmarked.
6) on-site inspection, eight drilling holes in CD5 1/2 (142) / 200,250 Casing Elevator not timely inspection (September 7 processed products), and no test state identification.
The above problems 1), 2), 3) are important non-conformity, recommendations for corrective actions to seize the time.

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