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  Type Elevator Slip technical agreement

1, the Slip Type Elevator structure diagram and parts list.
Slip Type Elevator schematic diagram
Slip Type Elevator schematic diagram
Type Elevator Slip parts list

1 Main body 8 Latch 
2 Retainer link bolt 9 Setting ring
3 Slip 10 Main body
4 Insert 11 Guide plate
5 Spring 12 Compression plate
6 Hook pin 13 Block
7 Latch lock    

2, the implementation of standards: Spec 8C API and SY/T5035
3, Type Elevator Slip use of environmental conditions:
1) is allowed to use in the temperature condition of 70 DEG C - 18 DEG under.
2) to meet the harsh conditions of field operation of oil field.
4, slip type elevator works: slip type elevator with center opens the structure form, it is composed of a left main and right main body, a clamp, hinge, hinge axis, lock hook, card page torsion spring, slip body, slip teeth, a pressure spring, a pressure plate, a bolt and other parts.
The left and the right main body are connected by a hinge shaft, and the locking system is composed of a card page, a card page shaft, a lock hook, a locking spring and a lock tongue. When opened, as long as the lock hook pull handle, the locking hook is disengaged from the card page has been torn off. Pull the left and right main handle, open the elevator. Is closed, as long as the left and right handle body together, lock tight system in under the action of the torsion spring automatic elevators shut and locked.
Four pieces of Slip are installed on the main body of the left and the right through the bolt and the pressing spring respectively. Does not work, due to the action of the pressure spring, slip body to move upwards, slip teeth loose, is not working condition; work, the column moves and string collar pressed guide ring, slip slide down along the elevator around inside the body of a cone, move to the certain distance, the slip engaged hold column.
5, selection of materials: the main bearing parts are made of high strength and high strength steel.
6, Slip Type Elevator the size parameters and elevators marking table:
Slip Type Elevator dimensions and elevator mark

Configuration Description Pipe  O.D Max. load
Slip body Positioning ring Dental plate Plate Block 75 665
T 23108
T 27813 T 24774 T 27530 T 24507
T 27695 T 30358 2⅞
T 27695 T 24773 T 27451 T 24508  2⅞
T 27694 T 29255 2⅜
T 27812 T 29256 21/16
T 27821 T 29256 2
T 27811 T 29257 1.9
T 27810 T 29258 1.6
T 29001 T 29259 1.315

7, Type Elevator Slip load level: 75t YT (665kN), 125t MYT (1110kN), 150t HAYT (1334kN) .
8, the Slip Type Elevator connection ear and ear rings under the table and graph connection size.
The connection dimension of connecting ear and ear rings under Slip Type Elevator

Load rating Elevator connecting ear and ear rings under the contact radius mm Other connection dimensions mm
kN Short ton H1 min H2 max G1 max G2 min L1 max L2 max
579~890 66~100 50.85 50.85 25.4 80 60
891~1334 101~150 50.80 50.80 23.82 38.1 90 65
1335~2224 151~250 69.85 69.85 30.94 47.6 130 80

Figure 1 Slip Type connection Elevator connection under the ear and ear links
Type Elevator Slip connection ear and link under the ear of the connection
9, Type Elevator Slip main quality control requirements:
1) each batch of material and casting of the chemical composition in accordance with the relevant standards.
2) the main bearing part 10% carries on the ray wave flaw detection, the high stress area satisfies the GB/T5677 grade II request, and the rest part meets the GB/T5677.
3) the main bearing mechanical properties of materials: not less than Rm = 860 PMa, RP0.2 = 690, Z = 15%, PMa,
A = 35%, AKV = 42J (- 20 C).
4) Type Elevator Slip size parameters in line with the 8A API specification and SY/T5035 standard requirements.
5) product 1.5 to carry out 100% times to witness the load test.
6) all parts for magnetic particle testing, high stress area to meet the requirements of GB/T9444 I, and the rest of the parts to meet the requirements of the GB/T9444 ii.
7 main bearing parts from raw materials to the use of the whole process of tracing back.
10, Type Elevator Slip maintenance, repair, see the instructions for use.
11, appearance requirements: slip type elevator non processing surface coated with anti rust primer coated with orange paint; machined surface coated with anti rust oil.
12, packaging: the use of wooden packaging.
13, shelf life: one for a period of one year.

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