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Roller Kelly Bushing
Taixing Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.>>  Company News
  Roller Kelly Bushing main technical parameters

1, Roller Kelly Bushing physical picture
Roller Kelly Bushing
2, Roller Kelly Bushing structure diagram and parts list:
Roller Kelly Bushing structure diagram
Roller Kelly Bushing View
Roller Kelly Bushing parts list

No. Name Quantity No. Name Quantity No. Name Quantity
1 Base 1 8 Screw nut 4 15 Seal 8
2 Scraper 1* 9 The union Oil Cup 4 16 Locating Pins 8
3 Platen 1 10 O-ring(1) 8 17 Bearing 4
4 Socket head cap screws 4 11 O-ring(2) 8 18 Bolt 8
5 Bolt 4 12 Roller(1)** 2 19 Bearing 4
6 Cover 1 13 Roller(2) 2      
7 Spring washer 4 14 Roller(3) 4      
Note: * Scraper total of 11 species, each each one, the same Kelly together.
** Roller (1) and Roller (2) for driving hex kelly, Roller (3) for driving square kelly.
3, product performance standards: API 7K.
4, environmental conditions Roller Kelly Bushing used
a) allows the use at a temperature of -18 ℃ ~ 70 ℃.
b) meet the harsh conditions of oil field operations.
5, Roller Kelly Bushing of the type: 27 1 / 2HDS (square kelly).
6, use of materials: Xiazuo, cover with steel castings, rollers, shafts made of high quality alloy steel.
7, Roller Kelly Bushing main technical parameters:
1) applies to the diameter of 3 in ~ 6 in hex kelly and 2 1/2 in ~ 5 1/4 in square kelly;
2) The maximum drilling depth of 7000 m;
3) external dimensions of 615mm × 615mm × 755mm, single piece weighs 700kg.
8, Roller Kelly Bushing main quality control requirements:
1) the chemical composition of each batch of material compliance with the relevant standards.
2) Product main carrier traceability from raw materials to the whole process of using the site.
9, Roller Kelly Bushing use, maintenance, repair detailed instructions.
10, appearance requirements: Roller Kelly Bushing non-machined surface rust primer coat after coat finish; machined surface coated with anti-rust oil.
11, Package: wooden packaging.
12, shelf life: Roller Kelly Bushing shelf life of one year.

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