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  Single Joint Elevator main technical parameters

1, Single Joint Elevator physical picture
Single Joint Elevator
2, Single Joint Elevator structure diagram and parts details.
Single Joint Elevator structure diagram
Single Joint Elevator
3, product performance standards: API Spec 8A and SY / T5035
4, environmental conditions used Elevator
1) allows the use at a temperature of -18 ℃ ~ 70 ℃.
2) meet the oil field operations in harsh conditions.
5, Elevator's type: Center Latch.
6, selection of materials: the main carrier are made of high-quality high strength steel.
7, Single Joint Elevator applicable diameter: 2 3 / 8in ~ 30 in.
8, Single Joint Elevator load level: 5t (45kN), 10t (90kN).
9, Elevator main quality control requirements:
1) the chemical composition of each batch of material and casting the relevant standards.
2) 10 percent were the main carrier wave ray inspection, ears meet grade Ⅱ requirements GB / T5677, the remaining parts to meet Ⅲ grade requirements.
3) mechanical performance of the primary carrier material is not less than: Rm≥640 PMa, RP0.2≥540 PMa, Z≥15%,A≥25%, AKV≥42J (-20 ℃).
4) Elevator dimensional parameters in line with API 8C norms and SY / T5035 standards.
5) Products 10% but not less than two load tests were 1.5 times witness.
6) All parts for magnetic particle testing, ears partially meet Ⅰ grade requirements GB / T9444, the remaining parts to meet the grade Ⅱ requirements GB / T9444's.
7) The main products from raw materials to the carrier using the site dating back the whole process.
11, Elevator use, maintenance, repair detailed instructions.
12, appearance requirements: non-processed surface Elevator's first coated rust primer, then painted orange paint;processing of coated anti-rust oil.
13, Package: wooden packaging.
14, shelf life: Elevator shelf life of one year.

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