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  Campany notes for quality manual

1. The second-edition Quality Manual has not conformed to some of API Spec Q1 (8)standard requirements, so we revise that edition.
2. This Quality Manual (hereinafter called Manual) was drafted in accordance with ISO9001:2008, API Spec Q1 (8), API Spec 8A (13), API Spec 8C (4), API Spec 7K (5), API Spec 6A (19), and based on the actual conditions of our company. After the discussion of the Manual by every function departments and workshops, the Management Representative review it, and the General Manager approve it, then the Manual can be issued and implemented.
3. The products contained in the Manual are tubing elevators, drill pipe elevators, casing elevators, sucker rod elevators, drill collar elevators, elevator links, slips, manual tong, kelly bushings, plug valves, high pressure flow-control units which are all included to use the API Monogram.
4. Terms in ISO9000:2008 Quality management systems — Fundamentals and terms,and the third Chapter of API Spec Q1 (8) are all applicable to this Manual.
5. The General Quality Management Office (GQMO) is responsible for drafting, numbering, reporting to audit, reporting to approval, handing out, handing back, revising and filing of the Manual, and assure the effective Manual to be used.
6. The Manual is the controlled document of quality management. It shall have the document number and the controlled number, and shall show the quality system and quality assurance capability of our company externally, and shall be regarded as the criteria of quality activities internally.
7. The Manual holders shall register, maintain it carefully, and participate in quality management system activities according to the Manual requirements.
8. In order to assure the suitability and effectiveness of the Manual for quality activities of the company, unsuitability of the Manual shall be amended. Changes to common content shall be performed by the General Quality Management Office, after the Management Representative approves it. Changes of important contents shall be reviewed by the Management Representative and approved by the General Manager. When changes to the Manual to be performed, the delivered and undelivered shall be all amended. The identification shall be made and changing records shall be maintained in accordance with regulations,
9. When the Manual is amended several times or is amended in wide range, then the Manual shall be republished, and be reported to the third part of certificate institution for confirmation and put on records. While delivery of republication of the Manual, the old publication of Manual must be returned back. The old Manual shall go through the approval process and be made with the sign of “obsolete and maintained for reference”, when it is filed as material.

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