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  Quality management system

General Requirements
      In order to ensure the product conformity with requirements, our company has established the documented quality management system according to ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS29001:2007 and API Spec Q1 (8). Our quality management system documents include: quality manual, procedures, implementation documents and quality records. We shall implement, maintain the quality management system and continually improve its effectiveness.
Our company shall:
(1) identify the processes needed for the quality management system, formulate the necessary procedures for the identified processes, including the procedures required by the Standards, and the procedures needed for the effective operation and control of the processes,
(2) determine the sequence and interaction of these processes, and the criteria and methods needed to ensure that both the operation and control of these processes are effective,
(3) ensure the availability of resources and information necessary to support the operation and monitoring of these processes,
(4) monitor (if applicable), measure and analyze these processes, implement actions necessary to continually improve these processes,
(5) manage these processes in accordance with the requirements of the Standards to achieve planned results, quality policy, quality objectives and product realization.
(6) for any outsourced processes that affect product conformity with requirements, our company shall ensure that outsourced processes shall be controlled, and the control model and degree shall be addressed in our company’s QMS.

Documentation Requirements
      Our company shall formulate quality management system documents, describing the processes needed for the implementation of the quality management system. The quality management system documents shall include:
(1) quality policy and quality objectives,
(2) quality manual,
(3) documented procedures and records required by this quality manual,
(4) documents and records needed to ensure the effective planning, operation and control the processes,
(5) records required by this quality manual.
Quality Manual
Our company shall establish and maintain a quality manual that includes:
(1) the scope and requirements of the quality management system,
(2) reference to the quality management system procedures and description of the quality management system documentation structure.
Control of Documents
      All documents and data shall be made effective control to ensure that documents and data used in all locations of quality management system are valid edition.
      It is applicable to the control of all documents related to the quality management system.
   The quality manual shall be establishd by the GQMO, reviewed by the Management Representative, and issued after the approval of the General Manager.
   The procedure documents shall be establishd by the function departments under the organization of the GQMO, issued and implemented after the review by the leaders of the company and after the approval of the Management Representative.
   Other supportable management documents shall be reviewed by the director of function departments, issued after the approval of the leaders of the company and being numbered by the GQMO.
   The common technical documents shall be reviewed by the director of the Technology Dept. Drawings, technical standards and inspection regulations shall be performed after review of the director of the Technology Dept. and approved by the Vice-General Manager (Technology Quality). Approved technical documents shall be issued after being uniformly numbered by the Technology Dept.
Control Requirements
      Our company shall establish TSQP05-01 “Procedure for Data and Document Control”, to control the documents needed by the quality management system, which shall ensure:
(1) to approve documents for sufficiency and adequacy prior to issue, 
(2) to review documents, update as necessary and re-approve documents, any changes of documents shall be approved by the original approving departments,
(3) to identify the current revision status of documents, to draft the list of effective documents, the relevant versions of applicable documents are available at points of use,
(4) the documents remain legible and readily identifiable,
(5) the documents of external origin(e.g. standards, external drawings, etc.) shall be identified, the departments of use shall confirm their applicability, effectiveness and correctness, and their distribution shall be controlled,
(6) to remove the invalid and/or obsolete documents from the points of issue and use, or otherwise assured to prevent the unintended use.       
(7) the invalid and/or obsolete documents retained for some purposes shall be properly identified.
Control of Records
      All the records needed for the quality management system of our company shall be controlled.
      It is applicable to all the records which provide evidences that prove product quality in conformance with specified requirements and effective operation of quality management system.
      The GQMO shall establish the control documents of quality record, which stipulate the identification, formation, collection, indexing, access, filing, storage, maintenance and disposition of quality records. In addition, it shall formulate the “Total List of Quality Records”, clarifying the responsible function department and defining the retention time of quality records.
   Each function department shall use the quality records according to the requirements of the procedure documents and actual needs. The patterns of the forms designed by the function departments shall be reviewed by the GQMO and uniformly numbered.
Control Requirements
   Quality records shall be filled out in accordance with requirements of form pattern, and shall be punctual, legible and complete.
   Quality records shall be filed and indexed to be readily retrievable, and maintenance facilities can prevent damage, deterioration or loss.
   Where agreed contractually, quality records shall be made available for evaluation by the customer or the customer’s representative for an agreed period.
  Quality records specified to demonstrate achievement of effective operation of the quality management system shall be maintained for a minimum of 5 years. Quality records specified to demonstrate product quality in conformance with specified requirements shall be retained for a minimum 10 years.
   Quality records shall be legible for identify and retrieval,
   Quality records exceeding the retention time limit shall be disposed after approval.
   Quality records from supplier shall be applied with control and management of quality records of our company.
  Control of quality records shall be performed according to TSQP16-01 “Procedure for Control of Quality Records”.

Support Procedure Documents
      TSQP05-01 “Procedure for Data and Document Control”,
      TSQP16-01 “Procedure for Control of Quality Reco.

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