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  Management Responsibility

      Management responsibility is the key to the establishment and improvement of the quality management system. The leading, instruction and control functions of the top management shall be extremely important for establishing and maintaining the effective quality management system, and benefiting the customers and the related parties.

Management Commitment
      The General Manager shall provide evidence of its commitment to the establishment and implementation of the quality management system and continually improving its effectiveness by:
(1) communicating to all the working staffs the importance of meeting customer as well as statutory and regulatory requirements,
(2) establishing the quality policy and objectives, ensuring they are understood and executed by the working staffs at all levels, and ensuring the realization of the quality objectives,
(3) conducting management review regularly to validate continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of quality management system, and to take measures to continually improve it,
(4) providing necessary resources, including human resources, equipment, infrastructure and funds, to ensure the effective operation of the quality management system and the product quality conformance with the specified requirements.

Customer Focus
      The General Manager shall ensure that customer requirements and expectations are determined and transferred into the company requirements, with the aim of realizing the customer satisfaction.
(1) investigate, find out, predict, analyze and understand the present and future needs and expectations of customer;
(2) transfer the determined and realizable needs and expectations into the documentary regulations of the company, formulate quality objectives or improvement plan at appropriate opportunities with those temporarily unrealizable needs and expectations,
(3) communicate these requirements to the related departments and posts for implementation,
(4) with the aim of realizing the customer satisfaction, investigate the customer satisfaction level and seek for the improvement opportunities,
(5) try to surpass customer needs and expectations on the basis of abiding by statutes and regulations.

Quality Policy
     The General Manager shall formulate the quality policy and ensure that the quality policy:
(1) reflects the purpose of the company,
(2) includes a commitment to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system,
(3) provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives,
(4) is communicated, understood and carried out within the company by the methods of publicity, explaining, checking and assessment, to ensure the effective implementation of the quality policy,
(5) is reviewed for continuing suitability, reflecting the constantly changing internal and external conditions and information.
Quality Objectives
      The General Manager shall formulate quality objectives and ensure quality objectives:
(1) are consistent with the quality policy with the commitment of continual improvement,
(2) include those contents needed to meet requirements for product,
(3) shall be measurable, and unfolded at relevant functions and levels within the company and carried out.
Quality Management System Planning
      The General Manager shall ensure that the planning of the quality management system is carried out to meet the quality objectives. The output of the planning shall be documented.
      The planning of the quality management system shall include:
(1) the processes for the quality management system,
(2) necessary resources, and the quality properties identified at each stage,
(3) consistency of documents,
(4) verification activity, acceptance criteria and the needed records,
(5) the continual improvement.
(6) The planning of the changes to the quality management system shall be carried out in the controlled state. And the integrity of the quality management system shall be maintained during any changes.

Responsibility, Authority and Communication
Responsibility and Authority
      In order to carry out the effective management, our company stipulates the responsibility, authority and ralations of each level and post, and contacts them to certain levels within the company. Any responsibility and authority needed for the work related to quality are all stipulated by the company (see Appendix 3 for details).
Management Representative
    The General Manager appoints the Management Representative. The Management Representative, in the scope of the quality management system, directly on behalf of the General Manager, coordinates and instructs the work of each department, whose responsibility includes as follows:
(1) To ensure establish, implement and maintain procedures for QMS,
(2) To feed back to general manager the efficiency and any improvement of QMS,
(3) To increase consciousness within facility to focus on customers’ requirements,
(4) To contact for anything related to QMS.
Internal Communication
     In order to promote the internal information exchange within the company, enhance the understanding and increase the effectiveness of the quality management system, the General Manager shall ensure that appropriate communication processes are established.
(1) The company shall ensure that communication takes place at relevant levels and functions regarding the processes of the quality management system, including quality requirements, quality objectives and fulfillment situation, and effectiveness of implementation, to achieve the effect of mutual understanding, mutual confidence and the participation by all working staffs.
(2) The company shall take the methods such as various meetings, group bulletins, internal journals, announcement columns and etc., to carry out the information communication of the quality management system. The establishment of communication processes shall promote the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality management system.

Management Review
      Our company shall establish TSQP01-01 “Control Procedure for Management Review” to control quality management review.
      The General Manager shall evaluate suitability, sufficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system in a certain interval.
      The management review shall be performed in the end of every year. The General Quality Management Office is the function department of management review, and shall perform according to Procedure for Management Review. Generally the management review shall be performed after internal quality audits.
      The management review shall assess QMS within facility including improvement, monitoring, modification to QMS or quality plan and quality objective. The following items shall be studied and analyzed during the management review:
(1) the fulfillment situation and reasons of quality objectives,
(2) the situation and trend of product quality,
(3) analysis of customer satisfaction,
(4) influence of the changes of statute and regulations to our company and our measures to taken,
(5) the suitability of human resources and inspection methods,
(6) the suitability of the quality policy and quality objectives,
(7) the suitability of the company’s organization structure and functions,
(8) opportunities for improvement and other items needed to be studied.
Review Input
      The input to management review shall include the actual situation and opportunities for improvement of the following:
(1) results of audits: including the results of internal, external product audits, processes audits, the quality management system audits, and the results of other management system,
(2) customer feedback: including complaints, opinions and market investigation information,
(3) processes performance and product conformity,
(4) status of corrective and preventive measures,
(5) follow-up actions adopted after previous management review, including finished items and unfinished item due to funds or technologies,
(6) changes that might affect the quality management system,
(7) improvement possibility including Specifications improvement.
      Review Output
      The output from the management review shall include the measures to be taken related to:
(1) recommendations for improvement and the relevant measures of the quality management system and processes. When necessary, the review information and measures shall be reported to the related customers,
(2) opinions and measures for improvement for products related to the customer requirements,
(3) resource needs,
     Results of management review shall be formed into reports. The reviewing data, records of review meeting, and reviewing reports shall be maintained by the General Quality Management Office for five years.
     Supportable process document: TSQP01-01 Management Review Control Procedure.

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