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  Resource Management

Resources Offering
      In order to implement and improve the processes of the quality management system of the company, meet the customer requirements and expectations, and realize the customer satisfaction, the company shall determine and offer necessary resources, including human resources, information resources, infrastructure, and work environment.

Human Resources
     To ensure personnel related to QMS have adequate education and training to have skill or experience to be qualified to responding work.
It is applicable to all personnel related to conformity of QMS, including newly-employed, temporarily-employed, and relevant staff from the supplier.
      The General Manager approves the Annual Training Plan and Requirements for the Department Leaders.
   The Management Representative approves the “Requirements for Holding a Post” for the normal working staffs of each department.
   The Education Dept. is responsible for formulating the “Requirements for Holding a Post” for the department leaders, working out the “Annual Training Plan” and supervising its implementation, carrying out the basic duty education for the working staffs, organizing uniform training, and assessing the training effect.
  Each department formulates the “Requirements for Holding a Post” for the working staffs of their own department, carrying out the post technical training, and participating in the training and examination organized by the Education Dept.
   GQMO assists the Education Dept. to train the working staffs related to the quality management system.
Control Requirements
      Our company shall establish TSQP18-01 Procedure for Training, Education, and  Qualification, and formulate and carry out detailed control rules to train all personnel. The training shall be including the QMS education and job skill training, and the training period shall be defined.
(1) The Education Dept. shall formulate the annual plans for staff training according to staff training and refreshing requirements proposed by every department at the end of year, and according to work needs of company’s present phase and needs of long-term development program. The plans shall be actualized after approval of the General Manager.
(2) Training Objects and Training Contents:
a. Train leaders of company and managing staffs of every level with QMS and related knowledge.
b. Train and renewal technician with technology, quality management, and quality consciousness training,.
c. Train operators who engage in production activities for skill and educate them with QMS.
d. Train and qualify personnel who engage in special work to get certificate for work. These special work include: nondestructive detection, calibration, mechanical property test and chemical analysis, inspection, operation of special process, and internal audit.
(3) The company shall specify training period for personnel responsible for their work. 
(4) Examination and Record
The staffs who participate in training shall go through examination or skill assessment. Scores of examination or assessments shall be written into the Staff Training File, and shall be maintained by the Education Dept.
(5) To ensure that the personnel of the company are aware of the importance of their activities to the quality management system and the relevance of various work, and how they contribute to the achievement of the quality objectives.
(6) The records of education and training shall be maintained.

Infrastructure and Work Environment
      The company shall identify, provide and maintain the infrastructure needed to achieve conformity to product requirements, and identify and manage the work environment needed to achieve conformity to product requirements.
      It is applicable to the control of infrastructure (such as workspace, hardware and software, tools and equipment, necessary transport and communication facilities) needed to achieve conformity to product requirements, and to the control of human and material factors of work environment.
(1) The Equipment Dept. is responsible for the control of the equipment needed to achieve conformity to product requirements.
(2) The Production Dept. is responsible for the control of the work environment and supporting service needed to achieve conformity to product requirements.
(3) The Inspection Dept. is responsible for the control of the inspection equipment.
(4) Production execution departments are responsible for the control of the technological fixtures and appliances.
(5) GQMO assists the relevant departments to carry out the management work of infrastructure and work environment.
Control Requirements
(1) The Production Dept. submits the application for adding production equipment according to the requirements of the workshops and the development of the company, and is responsible for purchasing after the application is reviewed by the leader of the Equipment Dept., and approved by the General Manager.
(2) The Equipment Dept. organizes the relevant workshop to carry out the installation and commissioning of the purchased equipment. When it is confirmed to meet the requirements, the Equipment Dept. shall uniformly number the equipment and create the filing, record the equipment specification, type, technical data, unit price and other data, which shall be maintained.
(3) If meeting non conforming equipment, the Equipment Dept. shall coordinate with the supplier and solve the problem, and record the disposal results.
(4) The Equipment Dept. shall assist the Education Dept. to carry out the training of operators for acquiring the certificate before holding the post and the certificate issuing work.
(5) Every workshop shall specially arrange a person to check the maintenance of the equipment in the workshop, the results of which shall be reported to the Equipment Dept. as the evidence of the monthly assessment.
(6) The Inspection Dept. is responsible for collecting the data of the monitoring and measuring devices required by the workshops. The purchasing shall be carried out after the collected data are approved by the General Manager.
(7) The purchased monitoring and measuring devices shall be recorded after they are verified to be qualified, and listed in the Periodic Calibration Plan.
(8) Inspect the suitability of software if necessary to determine upgrade or renewal.
(9) Equip personnel related to products conformity with transportation or communicate equipment. 
(10) The workshops are responsible for uniformly recording, identifying the technological fittings used in their workshops. They shall go through the procedures when they want to use the technological fittings. At the end of every month, it shall be checked whether the technological fittings can meet the processing requirements.
(11) GQMO shall assist the Production Dept. and the workshops in the management of the work environment of the fields, mainly the proper maintenance of the working fields which have the effect to the production, to prevent strong sunshine, erosion by wind and rain, and moisture,equip with the necessary ventilation and fire-fighting facilities, to keep the suitable indoor temperature and cleanness, and to consider the work efficiency and occupational hygienic and safety requirements, thus to ensure the operators have good work environment.
      Supportable process document: TSQP18-01 Procedure for Training, Education, and Qualification.

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