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  Measurement,analysis and improvement

      The above data come from the monitoring measuring actions inside the company, the process of product realization, and the processes communicating with the customers and suppliers.
 Application of data analysis methods:
(1) To find out the regularity of the data changes, the statistical techniques shall be adopted,
(2) The selection of statistical techniques: for the market information, customer satisfaction, quality and audit results, the “Investigation Form” shall be used, for the data of monitoring and measuring processes, the control figure shall be used.
 The results of data analysis shall be used to evaluate the quality management system of our company. And the results of data analysis shall be submitted for management review, to seek for the improvement opportunities.

Our company shall continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system through the use of the quality policy, quality objectives, audit results, analysis of data, corrective and preventive actions and management review.
 Scope
It is applicable to the continual improvement of the company, determination, implementation and verification of the corrective and preventive actions.
(1) The Management Representative is responsible for supervising and coordinating the implementation of the improving, corrective and preventive actions.
(2) The GQMO is responsible for organizing the planning of the system and product continual improvement; determine the relevant corrective and preventive actions against the existing and potential quality problems, and the follow-up verification of implementation efficiency.
(3) Every department is responsible for proposing the relevant corrective and preventive actions and carrying out the improvement according to the determination of corrective and preventive actions made by the GQMO.
Control Requirement
The company shall formulate and implement the TSQP14-0 Procedure for Control of Corrective and Preventive Action. Appropriate corrective actions shall be taken to eliminate the causes of actual nonconformities to prevent their reoccurrence. Appropriate preventive actions shall be taken against the causes of potential nonconformities to avoid the occurrence of potential nonconformities.
Continual Improvement
In order to realize the continual improvement of the quality management system, the company shall carry out the following:
1) Through the establishment and implementation of quality policy, we shall create the atmosphere of promoting improvement in the company.
2) To determine the quality objectives to define the improvement direction.
3) Analyze the results of data analysis and internal audit to find out where we fall short, to seek for the improvement opportunities and take the relevant improvement actions.
4) To carry out effective corrective and preventive actions to realize improvement and verify and evaluate the efficiency of improvement, and to determine new and higher improvement objectives and direction.
Corrective Action
1) For nonconformities found in production, quality problem complained by the customers, and nonconformities concerned with quality system, the function department shall investigate the cause of nonconformities, and report the result of investigation to GQMO. To avoid repeated occurrence of the same problem, the GQMO shall determine whether corrective action needs to be taken. If so, the GQMO shall inform the function department to establish plans on corrective action, and organize the execution.
2) The GQMO shall organize the related departments to keep tracking the execution of corrective action and verify the result of implementation.
3) The GQMO shall establish and maintain the records of the results of corrective actions taken.
Preventive Action
(1) The GQMO shall organize the related departments to analyze every kind of information(including production process, statistical information on product quality, results of internal audits, quality records, servicing reports, customer complaints etc.) to detect potential causes of nonconformities.
(2) The GQMO shall organize related departments to determine necessary preventive actions and their implementation steps according to potential causes of nonconformities, and inform to the relevant departments that will establish plans on preventive actions and organize their execution.
(3) To ensure preventive actions to be taken effectively, the GQMO shall organize the related departments to keep tracking and control of execution of preventive actions and verify the results of implementation.
(4) The GQMO shall report relevant information and implementation results on preventive actions to the management review.
(5) Revision of relevant quality management system or technical documents owing to the corrective and preventive actions taken shall be performed in according to TSQP05-01 “Procedure for Design Control” and TSQP05-01 “Procedure for Document and Data Control”. Timely Revision is to consolidate the effectiveness.
(6) The GQMO shall establish and maintain the records of the results of the preventive action taken.

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