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Sucker Rod Elevator
Sucker Rod Elevator

⑴CDQ(S) Sucker Rod Elevators series are important apparatus to handle the descending and ascending of the drill pipes in the operation of well-repairing in oilfield.
⑵With reasonable design,easy operation,safety and reliability and qualified materials, T-Brand CDQ(S) Sucker Rod Elevators series are manufactured by both advanced technology and special intensity heat treatment. They are verified with super structural and wear-resisting nature by strict strength test and NDT. They can handle sucker rods of ⅝in-1 1/4in diameter used in the operation of descending and ascending.
⑶All the technical parameter and property of the elevators completely conform to the requirements of SY5235 and API Spec 8C.
⑷The compositions and their represent meanings of CDQ(S) Sucker Rod Elevators specification:

⑴CDQ(S) Sucker Rod Elevators series are tongue-and-spring type elevators which consist of elevator segment, handle, and so on.
⑵The front and back tongues which can rotary around the bolt are fit in the body of elevator segment, each of the front and back tongues is fitted with one wrench spring. When it is used in lifting, the front and back tongues move into the body of elevator segment with contact strength of the suck rod. When the suck rod is in the center hole of the elevator, the front and back tongues move back to their original position by the force of wrench spring to fix the suck rod lest the suck rod could separate from the elevator. When the two back tongues are pressed against each other, the two front tongues can swiftly move into the elevator segment, and the n the suck rod can be discharged.

3.Specifications for CDQ(S) Sucker Rod Elevators
Chart for specifications of CDQ(S) Sucker Rod Elevators:

Specification Bore Diameter(mm)
The application of Sucker Rod Elevator specification Rating Load
mm in
CDQ(S)23/135 23 16-19 ⅝-¾ 15t
CDQ(S)26/135 26 19-22 ¾-⅞
CDQ(S)30/135 30 22-25 1
CDQ(S)33/135 33 25-28 1⅛
CDQ(S)23/225 23 16-19 ⅝-¾ 25t
CDQ(S)26/225 26 19-22 ¾-⅞
CDQ(S)30/225 30 22-25 1
CDQ(S)33/225 33 25-28 1⅛

Sucker Rod Elevator
Sucker Rod Elevator API Specification Design input and output control Sucker Rod Elevator Design Verification Audit Report
Sucker Rod Elevator Design Verification Sucker Rod Elevator Design Validation
CDQ (S) Sucker Rod Elevator technology program CDQ (S) Sucker Rod Elevator Technical Summary Report
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