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API Product  >> Single Joint Elevators
Single Joint Elevator
Single Joint Elevator

⑴DDF type center latch single joint elevators are conventional tools for handling a single joint of casing or tubing in oil and gas drilling operation, the rated load are 5t(45kN) and 10t(90kN), and cover pipe sizes from 4½in to 20in OD. SJ single joint elevators are designed and manufactured in accordance with API Spec 8C. 
⑵The compositions and their representing meanings of SJ type center latch single joint elevators: 

Single Joint Elevators

2.Specifications for center latch single joint elevators
Chart for specifications of center latch single joint elevators:

specification pipe O.D.    (in) pipe O.D.    (mm) Rated Load    kN(t)
DDF117/45(4½/5) 116.69 45(5)
DDF142/45(5½/5) 142.88
DDF171/45(6⅝/5) 6 171.45
DDF181/45(7/5) 7 180.98
DDF197/45(7⅝/5) 7⅝ 197.64
DDF223/45(8⅝/5) 8⅝ 223.04
DDF248/45(9⅝/5) 9⅝ 248.44
DDF277/45(10¾/5) 10¾ 277.83
DDF331/45(12⅞/5) 12⅞ 331.80
DDF344/45(13⅜/5) 13⅜ 344.50
DDF350/45(13⅝/5) 13⅝ 350.85
DDF360/45(14/5) 14 360.76
DDF411/45(16/5) 16 411.40
DDF479/90(18⅝/5) 18⅝ 479.43 90(10)
DDF515/90(20/5) 20 515.14
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