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Casing Tong
Type DB Manual tong

Q340-915/35、Q340/8( Casing Tongs) is designed for making up or breaking connections of tubular goods, and can handle the pipe sizes from 13⅜in to 36in by replacing interchangeable lug jaw or the step of lug jaw, torque of this type is 35kN.m and 8kN.m.
Casing tongs body is connected with joint pin on the boom and hang over the well rigs through the top ring on the boom.Try to keep the tongs body in horizontal level by adjusting the balance head and adjustable square head screw. The pipe threads cold be tightened or removed as soon as the steel wire rope which is fastened on the tongs line pip has been pulled firmly after the latch and the lug jaw have been looped and the pipes have been held by the tongs head.

3.Specifications for Casing Tongs        
Chart for specifications of Casing tongs:

Type Part No. Beckle pipe O.D.(in) Rated torque( kN·m)

(Casing Tongs)
9.8 13⅜-14½ 35
8.7 14½-16
8.9.9 16-17½
8.9.7 17½-19
7.8.7 19-20 20-21½ 21½-23 24-25½ 25½-27 27-28½ 28½-30 30-31½ 31½-33 33-34½ 34½-36
(Casing Tongs)
4# 13⅜(340mm,365mm)
(13⅜The casing collar diameter)
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